Jet Fuel

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6/14/2022 – New Batch

  • Rich Green Profile
  • Great Trichome Coverage
  • Medium / Small  Buds
  • Strain Graded at (AA+)
  • Price Adjusted to $230/Oz
  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid – (AA+)
    THC Est.: 19.5%
    CBD Est.: 0.6%
    Mix & Match: No
    • Relaxed100%
    • Euphoria75%
    • Happiness50%
    • Sleepiness50%
    • Hunger45
    • Stress100%
    • Depression90%
    • Pain80%
    • Insomnia70%
    • Lack of Appetite40%
    • Dry Mouth100%
    • Dry Eyes40%
    • Dizziness20%
    • Anxiety20%
    • Headache10%
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Jet Fuel Strain Review

Jet Fuel Strain, also known under the name “G6”, is a Sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid with a 60% Sativa leaning.

This pungent bud comes with an aggressive name, which actually perfectly describes its incredibly fast-paced high, with the prevalence of typical sativa-like effects.

Like a cross between skunk-derived High Country Diesel and super-sticky Aspen OG, the Jet Fuel marijuana strain comes with an intense, pungent aroma.

With its quite impressive levels of THC, ranging between 21% and 23%, this Sativa-dominant hybrid provides a set of highly enjoyable cerebral effects.

jet fuel strain indica or sativa

Jet Fuel Strain grows medium-sized buds that have an almost conical, more Sativa-like shape.

The flowers are green and earthy brownish in color, with a nice coat of orange and very rare red and maroon pistils.

Moreover, these buds are heavily covered with crystal white trichomes, which makes them very sticky.

The hybrid’s name doesn’t only come from its vibrant set of effects.

In fact, Jet Fuel Strain also has a palette of energetic aromas, starting with a sweet hint of gasoline with some floral notes.

jet fuel strain allbud

Additionally, this Sativa-dominant strain includes a fuel-like chemical punchy smell, inherited from its parent strain, High Country Diesel.

When ground, Jet Fuel gives off a whiff of OG Kush lineage, as you can smell some piney aromas. The smoke of this bud is smooth, with some skunky diesel hints on the exhale.

It high starts within the first few minutes after smoking this bud, providing the user with a rush of happiness and energy.

Additionally, you can feel some pressure in your head, but do not confuse this effect with a headache.

When using this strain in the morning, you can expect a sudden jolt of energy, which is invaluable to get through a busy day.

When consumed in a more relaxing atmosphere, the Jet Fuel marijuana strain can induce a creative mood, perfect for brainstorming and associative thinking.

Because of its highly energetic effects, Jet Fuel is usually recommended for morning and daytime use.

This bud is definitely not the ideal strain to consume in the evening, just before bedtime.

As it provides an energetic type of high, relieving stress and anxiety at the same time.

The marijuana strain induces a cerebral focus, which can also help patients with attention deficit disorders.

The hybrid is also popular among those suffering from headaches or migraines, as it’s a perfect pain reliever.


Although these can be very frustrating, the cannabis strain is definitely worth it.


creative vibe, relaxation, euphoric mood, increased appetite, happiness, uplifted mood, increased focus, giggly, dry eyes, dry mouth

May Relieve:

anxiety, depression, nausea, loss of appetite, migraines, stress, pain, insomnia, mood disorders, lack of appetite, anorexia, fatigue, PTSD


1/2 pound, 1/4 pound, 14grams, 1oz, 1pound

6 reviews for Jet Fuel

  1. Flip

    Fits the description, not a bad high. Personally, as someone that prefers and smokes sativas, I found it to be a little too indica leaning, so for people like me, I’d recommend it for an evening time puff. That’s just me, most indicas make my head feel slightly wonky. I’m not big on the taste, although it isn’t that big of a deal either. Overall, a pretty good strain.

  2. Danno

    Everybody loved this stuff, sativa or indica lovers. Little too sativa for my likings but absolutely obsessed with the smell on this one! Overall 5star zero complaints with this one. Potent too!

  3. cpen1985

    As I have said in previous reviews, I’m not a big Sativa fan. That being said, Sativa fans, will love this one. I have been trying quite a few different strains, figuring out what I like, and don’t like.

    GK is amazing to deal with

  4. Johnson

    The batch I sampled looks and smells terrific. Strong diesels with a ton of THC on the nugs.
    A bit similar but not nearly as potent as King Louis, so I use it more for mornings.
    I also mixed this with Gigabud Budder which made it much better for mid-day and evenings.

  5. Donwon

    This one is nice and gassy. Taste is true diesel and gets you up and at it to get things done. Only complaint would be that it could be trimmed up a touch better but nothing drastic or enough to give less than a 5 star rating from me.

  6. JohnnyBacon86

    I ordered more of this one again. I would rate it 4.5 if I could leaning more towards 5 stars though, only because it was still a bit leafy. The way the buzz hits and effects are it reminds me of the last batch of king tut that GK had. Until more of the tut arrives this will be the replacement for now. This is a staple in my rotation I hope GK always has this in the selections, I know I’ll keep buying it.

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