Grenadine Cookies


Grenadine Cookies Strain

Grenadine Cookies Strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Miley Cyrus X Karmarado strains.

If you’re after a super sweet flavor, look no further – Grenadine has everything that you need and more.

This baby packs a sugary sweet fruity berry taste with a cherry exhale that lingers on the tongue.

This is an interesting strain with high levels of THC, which may be important for some readers.

The Grenadine Cookies strain is a cross between the famous Girl Scout Cookies and the equally popular Sour Diesel strains. This potent hybrid was created by the breeders at Kind Green Planet in California, and it quickly became a favorite among consumers.

Grenadine Cookies cannabis has a sweet and sour aroma that smells like a combination of berries, citrus and pine. The taste is similar but with added earthy notes. The effects are strong and come on slowly but last for hours, making this strain ideal for night time use.

The THC content in Grenadine Cookies ranges between 18% and 23%, which makes it one of the strongest strains available today. It’s also high in CBD, which counteracts some of its effects while providing additional medical benefits.

This strain has many medical uses including treating chronic pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. It may also help relieve symptoms associated with seizures or epilepsy by providing relief from muscle spasms and other neurological issues such as tremors or tics.


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