Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

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Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Want to enter a world of your own? blue meanie magic mushrooms..They are not as potent as some other types of magic mushrooms but they still have some fantastic effects.

The Blue Meanies are also known as the ‘happy shroom’ and this is because they can make you feel really happy, relaxed and at peace with yourself.

Let the Blue Meanie Mushrooms drown out the world around you and encapsulate you into your very own paradise of psychedelic wonders.

This strain has been reported to give users an even more psychedelic experience than easier-to-grow mushrooms, such as the Golden Teacher because it contains rich amounts of psilocin and psilocybin.

Its effects last for about four to eight hours which may be overwhelming for new users so make sure to be cautious with the dosage.

Blue Meanies are recommended for users looking to have a good time with friends or by themselves.

The immense euphoria and feelings of bliss with imaginative hallucinations and extreme laughter will surely be a memorable experience.

Effects: Euphoria, Hallucinations, Happiness and Extreme Laughter

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South America for centuries in religious ceremonies as well as being

used by early Europeans who brought them back with them after expeditions into those areas of the world.

Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms contain psilocybin which is a hallucinogenic

substance that can be very powerful when taken in large doses,

however if taken in small amounts it can give you an almost psychedelic

experience that can last anywhere from 6-9 hours depending on how much you take and how much you weigh.


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6 reviews for Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

  1. Jamie M.

    I gave a “5” because the delivery was a normal 3-5 business days and totally acceptable.
    I haven’t used the product as i am going to micro dose and just formulating a dosage over the next 2 or so months.
    Thank you for a regular retail/mail service experience.

  2. Bruce Arnold

    Delivered just as described, quality product at a good price.

  3. Douglas c.

    Beautiful, impressive specimins that knocked me on my arse.

  4. TreyD

    First time ordering/consuming any kind of psychedelic mushroom. Shipping took less time than estimated and the trip was fantastic. Will definitely be ordering again!

  5. Freed420

    mazing customer Service at first they shipped me 7G when I ordered 14G But after realizing their mistake they provided me with an additional 14G for free Absolutely Wonderful Service and the Mushrooms Are absolutely crazy careful don’t do to much or you’ll drive yourself phycho

  6. XXo

    Blue meanie, super relaxing high only after the “blue meanie” affect finishes, expect blue waves and pure relaxation.I had quite the appetite about an hour in
    Blue meanie is my favourite! 4 stars because my ounce only had 5 grams of caps lots of fat stem

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